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TMJ Treatment with Neural Manipulation and Brain Therapy

Patient had been with a gradually increasing discomfort on her R.TMJ and one day woke up in a locked jaw position and was unable to fully open her mouth. Many years ago the patient successfully received Dextrose Prolotherapy injections on her jaw, which helped to thicken and regenerate her bilateral TMJ ligaments in an effort to stabilize her joints, diminish pain and improve function.

Before her most recent Regenerative Injection procedure, we performed 15 min of very specific and gentle Neural Manipulation and Brain Therapy to help relax the muscle spasms, that were locking the jaw, diminish the tightness and the pain and help elongate the restricted nerves and blood vessels. Patient was able to open her mouth with greater ease and increased ROM.

Regenerative injections were performed after the very gentle and subtle Neural Manipulation and Brain Therapy to promote enhanced congruency of the joint surfaces,, long term pain relief and improved function.

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