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Prolozone Injections for Dental Health

In order to give a safe and brief  demonstration and to facilitate the audience’s understanding of the process, an active Health & Hope Institute’s patient with dental health issues and severe tooth pain, offered to be a “Demo person” for this educational gathering.


The patient had previously received two successful treatments that helped the bone around the root of the tooth proliferate, get healthier and stronger. After the second Prolozone injection procedure, the tooth was no  longer loose, the gums were revitalized and healthier, the infection had subsided  with no use of antibiotic  and she no longer had pain.

female doctor working on patients mouth
doctor in home treating patient on table

The patient had a loose tooth and when she went to a Dentist  he diagnosed her with a  tooth fracture that had an infectious  abscess at the root and inflammation in the gums.

Observing Clean Needle Technique (CNT) the patient was provided  Neural Therapy injections and Prolozone injections in to her  gums  for improvement of  gums circulation and teeth health,  enhanced elasticity, nourishment and resilience  of soft tissues, prevention and management  of a mild  infection, tissue healing and relief from pain.

Patient is doing really well. There are no more signs of infection, the tooth is securely attached to the bone, the gums are healthier and there is no tooth pain.

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