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What is Orlando Prolotherapy?

Dextrose is a natural sugar irritant that stimulates mild inflammation in the injected areas, causing the body to  think there is an injury and starting a proliferative / regenerative healing response to repair the damaged ligaments and tendons of a joint. The sterile and diluted Dextrose solution is injected at the level of the ligament attachment to the periosteum of the bone, to help thicken, strengthen and repair damaged ligaments in the joint. Dextrose prolotherapy is a highly effective way to restore the stability of a joint, improving patient’s functionality, stability, safety, and comfort. Dextrose Prolotherapy Injections are an economical way to prevent or postpone more invasive procedures like surgeries and joint replacements.

Corticosteroid injections could quickly and temporarily diminish inflammation and joint pain; however, they tend to increase the breakdown of cartilage and may diminish circulation to the affected areas and cause fibrosis of ligaments and tendons, accelerating and/or worsening the degeneration of a joint: “Degenerative Osteoarthritis”.

Prolotherapy with Dextrose and other natural proliferative substances (like Vit C, Vit B12, Sodium Morrhuate, and others), does not cause breakdown in joint cartilage and help repair thinning and lax ligaments, sprains and strains; improving patient’s stability, safety, functionality and diminishing pain. 

Prolotherapy Injections with Dextrose offer long lasting pain relief in conditions that affect the joint’s “Connective Tissues”, such tendinopathies, ligament sprains, and ligament laxity, that lead the way toward loss of function, chronic degenerative joint disease and osteoarthritis. 

The Benefits of Orlando Prolotherapy Injections

  • Diminish chronic joint pain
  • Help prevent or stop breakdown of Cartilage
  • Strengthen and thicken “ligament – bone junction”
  • Heal and repair tears in ligaments and tendons
  • Provide long term joint stability
  • Improve joint functionality and strength
  • Increase patient’s comfort, confidence and safety

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