PRP Treatment in Orlando

We offer the highest quality, safety and effectiveness in regenerative injections with plasma and ozone

  • PRP injections (platelet-rich plasma) for skin rejuvenation, joint regeneration and hair restoration
  • Prolozone injections for muscle and joint pain and fat burning
  • Injection Therapy Qualification since 2004

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PRP Injections

Regenerative Injection Therapy with Plasma and Stem Cells. View our PRP Injection Treatments

PRP Microneedling

PRP Microneedling is a highly effective, painless and safe treatment that naturally boosts collagen production. Collagen is the protein that works as foundation for building new tissue, reason why it is called: Collagen Induction Therapy. The procedure involves using an electric therapeutic device that contains multiple fine needles in a little drum to gently puncture the superficial layers of skin to help it heal, strengthen and rejuvenate.

PRP Skin Treatment

PRP Skin Injections cover the different supportive layers of the Epidermis, Dermis, and Hypodermis, and the muscles underneath, to help rejuvenate, thicken and strengthen your skin and improve your complexion. The Growth Factors found in your Platelets and the Stem Cells found in the Plasma of your own blood help to replenish lost volume, tighten and lift the skin, enhance the glow and smoothness of the skin, diminish the appearance of sun spots, reduce scar tissue, and diminish wrinkles and lines.

PRP Joint Injections for Regeneration

PRP for Tissue and Joint Regeneration helps diminish pain from osteoarthritis and instability due to ligament laxity, strengthens and thickens muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments; and helps repair connective tissue and cartilage tears (like spinal discs, labrum and meniscus).

PRP Hair Restoration

PRP helps repair damaged hair follicles and promotes the growth of healthier and thicker new hair follicles. Based on clinical experience, we have noticed that most patients start experiencing and seeing the repair of damaged hair follicles and growth of new hair follicles on their scalp, around the 3rd – 4th month of receiving PRP Treatments.

Prolozone Injections

Injections of Ozone (3 molecules of Oxygen together). View our Prolozone Therapy Treatments

Prolozone for Muscle & Joint Pain

Diminishes pain and to promote regeneration of cartilage

Prolozone for Fat Burning

Oxidative Therapies help the body improve its vitality and get rid of toxins stored in the excess fat by breaking fat deposits down and eliminating them through urine, sweat and fecal matter.

Reviews From Patients Who Received PRP Treatment in Orlando

Our patients come for pain relief and to restore and improve their appearance. View our Patient Reviews

PRP for Hip Pain – Patient Review

PRP for Hip Pain – Patient Review

Vilia came to Health & Hope Institute due to chronic pain in her hip that she has been suffering with for 5 years. After trying many different therapies that did not work, Vilia decided to try PRP for hip pain with Dr. Claudia Chica. After treatment she...

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PRP for Back Pain – Patient Review

PRP for Back Pain – Patient Review

Andrew is a high school senior baseball player who has plans to play division one baseball in college. He injured his lower back with damaged ligaments while swinging in a game resulting in Andrew barley being able to swing a bat. He was prescribed pain medication and...

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PRP for Neck Pain – Patient Review

PRP for Neck Pain – Patient Review

Victoria was on team USA for an Olympic weight lifting career. After an over adjustment by a chiropractor she was left with extreme neck pain. After her first round of PRP injections whith Dr. Claudia Chica she actually experienced more pain which is normal, but after...

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Dr. Chica is truly a gift from God!! Her hands are healing instruments. She has helped heal my body so many times.

– Debera Armstrong

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Dr. Chica’s services are outstanding ! Her skill is phenomenal & loving, and she always goes the extra mile!

– Christo

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Wonderful, caring doctor. I has been treated by her over the years for various injuries.

– Nick Tirone

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Very professional and helpful staff. Told me information that other doctors seemed to miss or look over.

– James Harrison

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At Health & Hope Institute we provide the highest quality PRP Treatment in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas

Our services include PRP injections for skin rejuvenation, joint regeneration and hair restoration. Prolozone injections for muscle and joint pain and fat burning. We also provide Gentle Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition Detox, Brain Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, Vascular Manipulation, and Craniosacral Therapy. We have been serving the community's rejuvenation and regeneration needs with Hackett - Hemwall Dextrose Prolotherapy since 2007 and PRP Prolotherapy Injections since 2008. We encourage our patients to allow nature and their heart to guide their healing journey.

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