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  • Z13+ Years of Effective PRP & Prolozone Clinical Experience
  • ZBeauty Enhancement and Joint Regeneration
  • ZAcupuncture & Manual Therapies for Pain Relief
  • ZFriendly Staff Here to Answer Your Questions
  • Z5 Star Reviews from New & Returning Patients

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Wonderful, caring doctor. I have been treated by her over the years for various injuries.

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Dr. Chica came to my rescue after I had injured my back! She provided PRP and Prolozone injection treatments and helped get me back on my feet in record time. I’m so grateful for the healing!

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Dr. Chica’s services are outstanding ! Her skill is phenomenal & loving, and she always goes the extra mile!

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Video Reviews From Patients Who Received PRP Treatment in Orlando, FL

Our patients come for pain relief and to restore and improve their appearance.

PRP Injections

Regenerative Injection Therapy with Platelet Rich Plasma. View our PRP Injection Treatments

Image displaying PRP Microneedling by Health & Hope Institute - Orlando PRP Treatment

PRP Microneedling

PRP Microneedling is a highly effective, painless and safe treatment that naturally boosts collagen production building new tissue, reason why it is called: Collagen Induction Therapy. The procedure involves using an electric therapeutic device that contains multiple fine needles in a little drum to gently puncture the skin at various depths.

Image displaying PRP Skin Injections by Health & Hope Institute - Orlando PRP Treatment

PRP Skin Treatment

PRP Skin Injections consist of Platelet-Rich Plasma taken from your own blood to stimulate stem cells when injected into the patients desired area for improvement of smoothness and tightness of skin.

Image displaying PRP Joint Regeneration by Health & Hope Institute - Orlando PRP Treatment

PRP Joint Injections for Regeneration

PRP for Tissue and Joint Regeneration helps diminish pain from osteoarthritis and instability due to ligament laxity, strengthens and thickens muscles, fascia, tendons and ligaments; and helps repair connective tissue and cartilage tears (like spinal discs, labrum and meniscus).

Image displaying Orlando Hair Restoration by Health & Hope Institute - Orlando PRP Treatment

PRP Hair Restoration

PRP helps repair damaged hair follicles and promotes the growth of healthier and thicker new hair follicles. Based on clinical experience, we have noticed that most patients start experiencing and seeing the repair of damaged hair follicles and growth of new hair follicles on their scalp, around the 3rd – 4th month of receiving PRP Treatments.

Ozone Therapy Injections

Injections of Ozone (3 molecules of Oxygen together). View our Ozone Therapy Treatments

Image displaying Orlando Ozone Therapy for Muscle and Joint Pain by Health & Hope Institute

Ozone Therapy for Muscle & Joint Pain

Diminishes pain and to promote regeneration of cartilage

Image displaying Orlando Ozone Therapy Injections for Fat Burning by Health & Hope Institute

Ozone Therapy for Fat Burning

Oxidative Therapies help the body improve its vitality and get rid of toxins stored in the excess fat by breaking fat deposits down and eliminating them through urine, sweat and fecal matter.

Additional Treatments We Provide

Image displaying Orlando Acupuncture - Health & Hope Institute

Oriental Medicine

Acupuncture, Qi Gong, Moxibustion, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition, Detoxification, Chinese and Japanese Therapeutic Massage, Physical Modalities

Image displaying Lymphatic Drainage - Health & Hope Institute

Manual Therapies

Brain therapy, Craneo-Sacral Therapy, Visceral manipulation, Neural and Vascular Manipulation, Dermal Manipulation, Spinal and Joint Manipulation, Lymphatic Drainage

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Learn more about the benefits of our PRP, Ozone, Oriental Medicine, and Manual Therapies 

PRP for Wrist Pain

PRP for Wrist Pain

Micro-trauma, repeated use and other types of injury, could cause damage to the ligaments that stabilize the multiple joints of the bones of the wrist, the 10 carpal bones and their junctions with the metacarpal bones, the radius and the ulna. Administering PRP,...

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Prolozone Therapy for Back Pain

Prolozone Therapy for Back Pain

Prolozone Injections to strengthen and help regenerate Lumbar region. Patient is very comfortable and sleeping through his procedure. Research has shown that Ozone injections help regenerate cartilage. Prolozone Injections also enhance the beneficial regenerative...

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PRP Injections for Ankle Injury

PRP Injections for Ankle Injury

This athlete patient sustained a traumatic sports injury to his R Ankle with multiple sprained ligaments, muscle/tendon tears and fractures. Talocrural Joint was surgically fused. Pain wakes him up at night disturbing his sleep. Patient has been experiencing a lot of...

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Dr. Chica is truly a gift from God!! Her hands are healing instruments. She has helped heal my body so many times.

– Debera Armstrong

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Very professional and helpful staff. Told me information that other doctors seemed to miss or look over.

– James Harrison

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The staff made me feel well taken care of there, 100% will come back!

– Nicholas Joseph

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At Health & Hope Institute we provide the highest quality PRP Treatment in Orlando, FL and surrounding areas

Our services include PRP injections for skin rejuvenation, joint regeneration and hair restoration. Prolozone injections for muscle and joint pain and fat burning. We also provide Gentle Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, Nutrition Detox, Brain Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, Visceral Manipulation, Neural Manipulation, Vascular Manipulation, and Craniosacral Therapy. We have been serving the community's rejuvenation and regeneration needs with Hackett - Hemwall Dextrose Prolotherapy since 2007 and PRP Prolotherapy Injections since 2008. We encourage our patients to allow nature and their heart to guide their healing journey.

Location, Parking, and Contact Info

We are located inside Alora Health SpaFrom toll road 408 (East or West), take Exit 4 and head South on Hiawassee Rd. Go 2.5 miles on S. Hiawassee Rd, make a U turn at the light at West Pointe Blvd. turn R after the CVS, then make a quick L and drive in front of the building through the parking spots. Alora Health Spa will be on the R toward the end of the building. When you reach the stop sign at Via Venzano Ave. you will see a free 2 hr parking lot in front of you, across the way. There is handicap parking in the private parking lot behind the building.