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Herbal Medicine

The best results when drugs and surgeries have failed, when Western doctors have given up, is found in Natural ways of Healing; in the cyclical patterns of Creation and medicinal plants and nutrients that man cannot assemble; a tapestry only God and Nature can design.

Even though, there are specific Organic Supplementation protocols and Herbal Medicine formulas for multiple health conditions, every person is a different world and his/her needs should be addressed individually after the Comprehensive Examination and Diagnostic Evaluation have been performed.

After 2 to 3 months of Oriental Medicine care (Acupuncture, Herbal Medicine, and Organic Supplementation) at Health & Hope Institute, and in many cases earlier than that; most patients need to discuss a “Prescription Drug Weaning Program” with their prescribing Western doctor. Patients may be sufficiently better with the Oriental Medicine approach and be over-medicated by that time, and the actual prescribed drug/ medication can become their biggest problem.

Patients have the right to learn as much as possible about their conditions and their prescribed medications, and are responsible for maintaining effective communication with their Western doctors regarding their progress, therapeutic choices and concerns.

We will support our patients in their healing journey and respect their personal choices and efforts to recover control over their own health and well-being, however; At Health & Hope Institute, we cannot make any recommendations about specific dosages, substitutions and/or withdrawal of any Western Medications.

No Guarantee of Healing Policy

Despite our genuine commitment to be in service, noble ethical standards, and professional competence while providing the most appropriate and high quality level of care, there are no guarantees of successful treatment for any specific condition, nor promises of healing.
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