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PRP Joint Injections

What is PRP Joint Regeneration?

PRP injections for the purpose of repairing injured tissues and aiding in gradual joint regeneration through the application of several series of injections. A minimum of 3 series of injections within a period of 2 1/2 – 3 months are recommended as per medical literature. There is progressive increase in ligament stability, improvement of muscle-fascia-tendon and soft tissue strains and weakness, and in some cases, enhancement of cartilage health (like inter-vertebral discs, labrum and meniscus). With the ongoing healing of tissues and a gradual decompression effect , usually pain coming from multiple sources, either localized or referred, will start to diminish.

Benefits commonly observed with PRP Injections for regeneration

Ongoing medical research and anecdotal evidence have shown that PRP has the therapeutic effect of “Tissue regeneration”.
Some of the most common benefits seen in patients who receive several rounds of PRP Joint injections, are:

  • Diminished joint friction
  • Diminished wear and tear of the weight bearing structures
  • Gradual decompression effect to facilitate the healing of degenerated structures inside the joint
  • Improvement of stability of the joint
  • Improvement of ROM and diminished stiffness
  • Enhanced muscle strength
  • Improvement of functional capacity and activity level
  • Improved safety during performance of ADL and sports
  • Diminished pain from multiple sources and layers of injured tissues
  • Tightening of the lax ligaments that cause hypermobility and instability of the joint
  • Development of new blood vessels to nourish the tissues in the affected areas
  • Improvement in osteoarthritic changes
  • Enhancement of cartilage lubrication
  • Improvement in chronic degenerative joint disease (DJD) and degenerative tendinopaties
  • Gradual healing of strained muscles and sprained ligaments and tendons

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