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Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic drainage is a gentle and precise form of manual therapy that uses light pressure and specific direction of movement to guide and drain the Lymphatic fluid (a clear, slightly yellow fluid) and any excess interstitial fluid that may be stagnant in different areas of the body and help restore the intrinsic motion of the Lymph The strokes could be very short or long depending on the area treated and the lymphatic rhythm we are working on. 

The lymphatic system covers different levels of depth, has different directions of drainage and also has different rhythms in specific areas of the body. It’s also an important part of the defense mechanisms of the body, the immune system.

Benefits of Lymphatic Drainage

  • Diminishes swelling and pain
  • Decongests stagnant or inflamed areas of the body to improve performance and vitality
  • Improves the function of the different organs in the body
  • Enhances the circulation of arterial blood, venous blood, and lymphatic fluid

No Guarantee of Healing Policy

Despite our genuine commitment to be in service, noble ethical standards, and professional competence while providing the most appropriate and high quality level of care, there are no guarantees of successful treatment for any specific condition, nor promises of healing.
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