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PRP for Wrist Pain

Micro-trauma, repeated use and other types of injury, could cause damage to the ligaments that stabilize the multiple joints of the bones of the wrist, the 10 carpal bones and their junctions with the metacarpal bones, the radius and the ulna. Administering PRP, Prolotherapy with Dextrise and/or Prolozone Injections to the periosteal attachments of the affected ligaments of a joint, will help strengthen the muscles, thicken the ligaments and increase the tensile capacity of the tendons, increasing muscle strength, joint stability, functional ability and diminishing pain.

That is the basic theory of how Prolotherapy with PRP, Dextrose and/or Prolozone Injections could work to stabilize, improve safety, increase functional use and range of motion, improve muscle strength and diminish discomfort in any joint. I hope this helps for now. I may need to provide you the name of the specific bones and/or ligaments for the pertinent joints being treated.

This patient is a young female weight lifting athlete. She also works lifting equipment, doing strong repetitive movements, carrying heavy loads and using her hands and thumbs constantly for about 8-10hrs 5 to 6 days a week. The heavy loading, repetitive use, and frequent micro-trauma has caused her wrist and thumb to feel unstable, very weak and extremely sore when trying to grab and handle objects.

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