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Prolotherapy Regenerative Injections with PRP for Jujitsu Injuries

George A. is an IT Engineer and a Jujitsu instructor. who became a patient at the end of 1998, when Health & Hope Institute was still operating in Pennsylvania.
The patient travels periodically from NYC to Orlando, to give his body a combination of very effective, safe and natural therapeutic approaches and manual therapies to help him refresh, renew and relax, as well as regenerative injections with natural substances to help stabilize his joints, repair and regenerate soft tissues (cartilage, ligaments, muscles, tendons, fascia, bursa, nerve tissue, blood vessels,…) and bones; promote the body’s optimal health, enhance endurance and improve functional abilities according to a very intense physical activity and sports performance requirements.
Throughout the last 20+ yrs, the patient has suffered innumerable injuries and structural challenges, due to his passion for teaching and practicing Jujitsu. Patient has received regenerative injections to his knees, shoulders, wrists, hands, spine, and other areas, and continues to rely on Neural Therapy, and Prolotherapy Regenerative Injections with PRP, Dextrose cocktails and Prolozone as needed, to maintain his body strong and pain free in keeping with the demands of his active and adventurous lifestyle, and his strong participation in sports and martial arts.  

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