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PRP for Pain Relief after Car Accident – Paul’s Patient Review

Paul is a trauma victim who sustained multiple fractures, lacerations and traumatic injuries in a motor vehicle accident on 4-01-2007. Paul was in critical care for several weeks and gathered the courage to fight for his life with the support of specialized trauma experts and multiple health care providers. He was able to start working again after 10 yrs from the time of the accident. After Paul had sustained multiple orthopedic and reconstructive surgeries he became a patient of Health & Hope Institute in September 2016.

He had been dealing with a lot of limitation in range of motion (ROM), muscle weakness, ligament and tendon laxity, multiple restrictive scars and adhesions, chronic and recurrent intense pain in many of the areas affected by the trauma. 

Through the utilization of Physical Modalities, Oriental Medicine, Visceral Manipulation, PRP Regenerative Injections and Prolozone injections, Paul has gradually and consistently been recovering his normal strength, mobility, comfort and a very good functional level. Some of the joints treated with Prolozone and PRP Regenerative Injections, include: Cervical, Thoracic and Lumbar spine, knees, elbows, shoulders, medial scapular area, hips, achilles tendon and ankles.

Paul’s work is highly skilled and physically demanding and he has educated himself to pay close attention to keeping his strength and flexibility with regular workouts, breathing exercises, very good nutrition and excellent supplementation. Paul is a very inspiring and highly energetic person, who is happy and grateful for the gift of life and contributes to inspire many people through his own actions.

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