PRP Cervical Spine and Occipital Injections for Whiplash and Traction injury of Brain stem

by | Apr 3, 2020 | Patient Reviews, PRP Treatment

David had been t-boned 8 yrs ago by a drunk driver, and recently got rear ended twice, sustaining blunt trauma to the head, Whiplash injury of the Cervical spine and traction injury of his Brain Stem. The ligaments of his neck became weaker and lax with the accumulated trauma and this created instability of his Atlanto-Occipital joint (the joint between the Atlas, first Cervical vertebra that supports the weight of the head and allows its movement.
The traction injury sustained by his Cervical Spinal Cord and Brain Stem, affected mainly his Cranial Nerve 8th (CN VIII), the R and L Vestibulo-cochlear nerves, which are responsible for equilibrium, balance and hearing. The irritation and inflammation of CN 8, the medula and the meninges caused a lot of neurological symptoms, like intermittent hearing loss, nausea, projectile vomiting when changing positions, severe head pain, disorientation, memory loss, severe light headedness, postural hypotension, chills and tingling in the neck and arms which put him to bed for 4 days plus spending a whole day and night at the ER.
Within 1 day of receiving PRP Cervical Spine Injections, patient stated that his neurological symptoms started to disappear and he was able to quickly recover his normal level of activity without any headache, dizziness, nausea, vomit, or disorientation. The PRP Cervical  Spine Injections helped him recover the tendino-muscular and ligamentous stability of his Cervical spine and the improved placement and alignment with his Brain, causing all the neurological symptoms to resolve within the first 3 days after the injections.

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