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Spine and Neural Manipulation for Lumbar Stenosis and Bulging Discs

This is the “Before” and “After” picture, following 10 min of Spinal Therapy and Neural Manipulation. After those 10 min of combined manual therapies and despite her multiple areas of Osteoarthritic changes, Spinal Stenosis, Neural Foraminal narrowing, four (4) Bulging Discs and a Herniated Disc, she said her back felt better and less tight.

Her postural alignment improved dramatically and she said that
her neck was more comfortable and less tired, as if a heavy weight had been lifted up from her head, neck and shoulders.
The pain in her Lumbar region had also diminished and she was able to move easier and faster.

This is an example of the type of gentle and precise 10-15 min Neuro-Vascular manipulation performed in most of the patients as necessary to achieve better structural alignment, before performing Dextrose Prolotherapy, Prolozone and PRP Regenerative injections.

before and after women's posture image

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