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PRP for Knee Osteoarthritis

The Knee, like every work-load and weight-bearing joint in the body, functions like a machine. As we use our joints throughout the years, the cartilage and the contact bony surfaces may start wearing down and getting damaged, inflamed and really irritated.  This situation causes a lot of chronic and acute pain and ongoing stiffness. 

The body tries to mount a repairing cascade through inflammation, but this effort may not be strong enough to overcome the speed of the damage being done by repetitive activities, continuous micro-trauma, contact sports, genetic predisposition, accidents, structural problems, and more. Bringing nutrients, vitamins, Platelet Rich Plasma with its stem cells and growth factors, and Prolozone (3 molecules of Oxygen) into the affected areas, increases the likelihood of the body to actually have a chance to begin the effective repair and healing of the damaged structures. 

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