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Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma Skin Rejuvenation

As long as you’re making resolutions to lose weight and otherwise improve yourself, why not also rejuvenate your skin–naturally and safely–with a system that provides long- lasting results?

The most modern technology in skin rejuvenation is autologous Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP). Autologous means derived from the same individual–the patient is the donor and recipient. PRP technology uses your own blood and contains no animal or synthetic products.

Growth factors activated in your blood plasma are injected back into your skin, which stimulates your own stem cells (mother cells) in order to produce and repair the tissues of your body. This natural process reverses common signs of aging on the skin.

Before and after Autologous Platelet Rich Plasma Skin Rejuvenation

Advantages of PRP as a Skin Rejuvenation Therapy:

  • Long-lasting results
  • High platelet recovery – we don’t need to take a large volume of blood (only 8 ml)
  • Using your own blood means there’s no risk of contamination or allergies

The Technical Details:

We use an exclusive technology offered by Regenlab. Your blood is drawn into a vacuum- sealed tube and then homogenized with an anticoagulant. The blood is centrifuged and fractioned, utilizing a cell collector gel to separate the plasma from cellular sediment and red cells. The growth factors in your plasma are activated with a natural nutrient. The activated growth factor serum is then gently injected during a safe, simple and minimally-invasive outpatient procedure.

There are two basic types of applications. After numbing your skin to provide you with a more comfortable application, a very small needle (pediatric gauge) is used to inject the thrombin serum into your skin.

A reticularis injection goes into the deep dermis to recover volume loss, lift saggy skin and fill in pronounced wrinkles.
A mesotherapy (superficial) injection tightens the skin and diminishes the appearance of scars, wrinkles and aging.


Expected Results:

Once the initial swelling from the over-correction subsides, it may take up to three weeks to start seeing gradual and sustained volume gain and diminished signs of skin aging.

There will be:

Great improvement in texture and appearance of skin thanks to regeneration and remodeling of the epidermis
New flexible collagen fibers will substitute the old
Increase in epidermis width, making skin more elastic
Production of new cells and more blood vessels to bring more nutrition and vitality to the area
Self-regulation of regenerating, remodeling and repairing skin tissues
PRP skin rejuvenation therapy is not recommended for people with severe skin or blood disorders, or who undergo anti-coagulant therapy.

We will be happy to evaluate your skin and give you our professional recommendations, so that you can achieve your desired results in the shortest, most natural and safest way possible.

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