Manual Therapies

Brain Therapy

  • Help the body with self-regulation of neuro-transmitters, organ function and endocrine function
  • Balance and regulate Autonomic Nervous system, enhancing Parasympathetic functions (rest, relaxation, sexuality, digestion,...) and Down Regulate the Alarm System (RAS) of the body and diminish stress, anxiety, chest tightness, breathing difficulty and pain
  • Release restrictions on the brain or any neural pathways
  • Improve circulation of blood carrying nutrients and oxygen in to and within the brain and for removal of toxins and excess inflammation
  • Enhance balance, coordination, mobility and safety
  • Improve memory, concentration and learning capabilities
  • Relieve chronic pain in any area of the body; to diminish the effect of any surgical, physical, and/or emotional trauma. To diminish adhesions in areas of Spinal Stenosis
  • Help the patient in the case of chronic dysfunction and pain due to falls, accidents, Head Trauma and Spinal Cord injuries.

Lymphatic Drainage

  • Help the body get rid of toxins, waste products and damaging substances
  • Increase blood flow to brain, heart, spine and vital organs
  • Reduce localized inflammation and blockages
  • Improve arterial and venous circulation.

Visceral Manipulation

  • Help correct the body's structural alignment, to reduce trauma and traction injuries of nerves and blood vessels;
  • Release adhesions in areas of Nerve Impingement and/or Spinal Stenosis.
  • Help organs that are debilitated or functioning poorly
  • Increase the circulation of nutrients in to vital organs and viscera
  • Aid in the removal of toxins of specific areas of the body
  • Release restrictions between organs, viscera, bones and soft tissues of the body
  • Undo restrictions and structural misalignment caused by poor posture, daily repetitive activities, micro-trauma or severe impact
  • Lift and enhance vitality of organs that are weak, deficient and prone to prolapse (falling down)

Craniosacral Therapy

  • Diminish restrictions on the meninges that cover the Nervous System structures (Brain, spine and peripheral nerves), the spinal cord and the brain
  • Improve homeostatic and self-regulating functions
  • Diminish effect of trauma on Head, Spine and Limbs
  • Enhance relaxation, well being and promote rest
  • Release emotional trauma tapped in the tissues (Somato-Emotional Release)
  • Diminish pain and release restrictions within the Spinal Cord, Spinal nerves and the meninges